Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The new plants prints incredible 奇妙的植物印染

 I'm really into natural botanical imprints, particular the bold prints of this yellow flower and leaf marks. Three weeks ago the garden owner Miss F gave me such plants I've been doing lots panels experiments.  I have to find out the exact plant name to do some research.
Know there're some in the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) so I went there to get the name and see what others inspire me.

KFBG is located in the northern slope of Tai Mo Shan in Hong Kong with serene surrounding of beautiful forest and mountain.  My last time there was 2012  with French natural dye expert Michel Garcia for the workshop (last post)
KFBG was established in 1956 with mission to raise awareness of ecological and sustainability issues and base for Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Association (KAAA)

It's a rainy day so just a short visit to see the farm of vegetable and the Art House 
Caught my sight was already the bush of this yellow flowers with very pleasant fragrance.  I asked the staff and got the name of the plant it's Tagetes tenuifolia Lemmon Marigold (芬芳萬壽菊)
I walked into the Art House.  It's open free for visitors to get inspired with nature related art and handicrafts.
 The Collaborative Art - "Nature's Weavers"  is being held.  Visitors are free to get involved to create a giant woven artwork with provided yarns.
 My aim of visiting was to see the flowers so I made a little orange flower looks like marigold.
There's some other creations by visitors they used the materials from the farm.  Very creative and pretty.

All of nature related displays of harmony
 How great I know the plant is Lemmon marigold.  Flowers and leaves are good for prints.  Leaves are good for tea and ediable.  
The recent prints on small pieces of silk and linen were done.
I like to make use of the prints. This one is sewed into a tote bag with Mogi's helping hand.
A tote bag I like but as a "thank you" gift I gave it to Ms F's sister as she's so nice to give me such beautiful plants for my exploration.

 With those Lemmon marigold leaves and the crown daisy from Ms F I printed on linen and silk. The linen piece was sewed into a clutch.
  "Before & After" of prints on silk 
 This is linen
Also prints on linen
My visit was in a hurry but I must be back again soon to see more and up to the mountain for hiking.
 I will do more prints with this plant. I am going to plant my own and do a series of natural prints.   Next I will show the fashion with such amazing prints.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Slow fashion - natural printed outfit 植物印染慢活時裝

Following last post of the new leaf prints, I've now made the fabric prints into garment.  That's the pattern learnt from Revital Avidar in Spain.  The raglan sleeves I like very much.  so I modified the pattern and made the outfit with a different style. 
Here's a short video of chilling out in a jockey club.  The outfit is light in summer breeze, style is fine on occasions.
The prints are mainly of leaves of tagetes tenuifolia (菊科) combined with onion skins and geranium.
 The other layout on iron mordant viscose and alum mordant silk for the different shades of mirror prints.  Bundles are steamed for an hour.

Composition before sewing.
Sleeves with prints of yellow flowers on chine de crepe done in Israel, front with gorgette silk and viscose.
Front part of silk and viscose. Photos speak themselves..........

I also printed a cotton swatch and done a purse with detachable strap.
 Be it a clutch or a shoulder bag for the outfit set.
Back side .....viscose drapes likely.

A day in the jockey club

The purse with flowers of artemisia vulgaris ( 唐蒿 ) and geranium (洋葵) leaf prints.
Close up of the front and back, different tone of mirror prints. Back with olive tone and front of golden yellow.
A clutch or a bike bag?  That's what I intended to make for the multi- purposes.

The bottom part of the mirror prints on viscose is sewed into a tote bag. The gift I gave to the house owner Ms Fung who's so generous to let me pick her plants.
The tagetes tenuifolia is marvelous that I will do more experiments.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Experiments with new plants 新品種植物印染實驗

This is the new plants I found recently and impressed with the outcome. Really into it and can't help doing more and more.....
With the bundle opened for table setting I'm quite pleased with the recent work.

This is how I came across such plants......
Last week I passed by a house with lots of flowers and chatted with the owner Ms F.  She's so nice to let me into her garden to view her organic produces and beautiful flowers. 
I spied the bright yellow flowers, family of Tagetes tenuifolia. I told her that I'm doing research with plants for natural prints. She's so nice to let me pick as much as I like and gave me some others plants as well aloe vera and lantern peppers.

With handful ediable and printable stuff home can't wait to do the experiments.
Here's the first.....
 Composition of plants on fabric........
I was expecting prints with yellow flowers and green leaves.

But.... outcome was all yellowish even the leaves. 
This is mirror prints on silk and viscose both with alum and iron mordant respectively.
Not too bad as it yells pigments of bold prints.

 For the following experiments I decided to do different mordants of alum, iron and tannin on silk, linen and viscose for the testing.

Leaves and petals prints on viscose with iron mordant are bold.
Background of grey is effect of iron and tannin.

Yellow leaves and flowers is effect of alum mordant silk

 I also used some of my home plants such as geranium on iron mordant viscose.
It's bold grey I like.
Ferns and bauhinia are not good prints but
no harm for the combination of shades and shapes on viscose.
 After the many testings I tended to keep clear background with simple alum and iron mordants - my basic motto.
Lots of panels made of the same plant ! 
I've to ask myself what to do with them. 
Just wrap with Mogi in the late spring days?
I love the flowers and the leaves so much. Have to dig out the proper name of the plants. Here are the images how they look like before printing.
 The tiny red flowers prints purple only with iron mordant.
The Artemisia vulgaris (crown daisy唐蒿) prints nice yellow.
 Layout of "before & after". Mirror prints of iron mordant viscose and alum mordant silk.
Onion skins are never wrong on natural printing.

Assorted ferns and flowers with iron and tannin mordant to make background grey.
 I love this part the most - "less is more" - clean and clear.
"Behave Mogi ! "
 He wanted to grasp a piece of the buckwheat bread I made. 
My healthy breakfast, "bird in the nest" with green pepper from Ms F, slices of avocado and brewed coffee.....what's more?

followed by dessert of aloe vera in honey with ginger and white fungus. 
Thought to do more about this prints but first to make use of the panels

 This is part of the outfit just made
Will show more after shots.  Stay tuned for the details.
Just to close it.... but the brat on my lap. 
He's so attached yet a good companion anyway.
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