Friday, December 15, 2017

Taiwan workshop of natural printing and wool felting 臺灣教學遊

I was in Taiwan for a series of teaching in the last two weeks. It's a delightful trip of three sessions of natural printing and nuno felting with students from different parts of Taiwan for workshops held in Taipei and Taichung. Natural printing techniques are mainly of indigo dyes with resist or discharge effects which I learnt from master Irit Dulman.  The nuno felt technique is to make a reversible seamless tunic with textures.

Natural prints of other skills were also taught.
Before the official kickoff of workshop in Taichung in the tranquil village, nice setting with my samples and welcome pack of natural printed card and the wool felt printed tag.
My sincere welcome to students.......
With the indigo vat prepared by the organiser all students immersed in the atmosphere of dyeing
The ambiance of the studio is so tempting with lily pond, rice fields and birds singing......

First to do a few indigo dyed panels......
The spacious studio with everything handy....
pretty layout of plants on fabric....
After 1.5 hours of boiling they're ready to unwrap
Prints on cotton and silk are so impressed.

Prints on silk and wool are particularly bold and colorful

Aren't they happy with the outcome?
During the first day learning lots of panel samples were done.
They have to decide what they're going to do in the next day
Some more natural colors incorporated in the making for different effects.

Apart from the eucalyptus from florist, some local weeds are so pretty too.
The two species of imported eucalyptus are of different shades of orange
Dyed with onion skins for this effect is interesting
The onion skin dyes and some rose flowers print.
During the two days session in Taichung students made lots of prints.  Most of them are the first time to get involved and pleased with the techniques..

Back to Taipei I taught the skill of nuno felting with indigo dyed and printed yardage.
A tunic with textures and reversible is what I taught.

One side mainly with white merino wool on the top, both with textures that make two looks of one reversible garment.

Natural prints and dyes were done earlier,  in a day of wool laying, rubbing and fulling all done.

We're going to make an art journal with
these pretty natural printed papers...........
Binded signatures then with nuno felt cover that made with remnants from tunic project......
A set of natural printed tunic and art journal of same tone was done  

Student YL is so nice and we spent a day in the sea shore also to take shots of her works. 
I wrapped my wonderful teaching in Taiwan with my last stop in Taipei
with good company.

It's quite windy but we still managed to capture nice shots.

Yeliu GeoPark is amazing with rocks formation.

Yangmingshan's hot spring is famous
My two weeks in Taiwan was great with arrangements from YL, Meg and Mary.  Not only teaching but also nice time to explore the beautiful region and fancy coffee as well leisure walks in the town.

Thank you my goods friends and all the students in Taiwan made me a wonderful trip.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Souvenirs for workshop 工作坊紀念品

I'll be away for teaching natural printing and wool felting in Taiwan in the coming days.  That will be workshops with like-minded friends for another level of creation . A trip brimming with passion is anticipated as some of the students we've met years before. 
The journal I made for this trip will be filled with friendship and ideas after the workshop.
為這兩周在臺灣的教學做了些紀念品, 從Irit Dulman 給我她自己印製的小布片做的小本子 , 而至我為學生們用羊毛氈印上桉樹葉的包扎繩子。小本子是我要記錄教學點滴, 繩子則用作材料結扎用。一切準備就緒, 期待與海峽對岸的朋友們再聚......
Last year Irit Dulman gave me a swatch of pretty eucalyptus buds prints she made on silk jersey.
 I tried to source the same fabric and made use the swatch memorable then covered the  journal with it.
After binding I cut around a natural flower print from my other swatch and stitched on the inside cover.

 An art journal with a few blank and printed pages ........

flapping in my hand........
....... pages waiting to be filled with words of memories
That will be the souvenir of my journey in Taiwan.

I wanted to make something a touch of sincerity for my students.  I felted some gift strings with prints of eucalyptus leaves.
Strings boiled for an hour.......
Unwrapped with aroma of eucalyptus

Dried quickly
A gift string to tie the materials pack with handmade welcome card

Not long I'll be in Taiwan for the teaching.  I will miss my hiking and biking team members.  Wish I could do biking in Taiwan after the teaching. During the two weeks I will be absent  from blog as my iPhone or iPad do not support the blogspot version. Readers may follow my Facebook or until next time.
Thanks for stopping by.

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